Puer natus in Bethlehem

This is a Christmas piece I wrote for an international competition in 2003, and then forgot about until very recently. It didn’t win any prizes, but if you’d like to perform it, I’d be delighted, just let me know. It extends a traditional model of alternating fauxbourdon (plainsong melodies sung at parallel intervals) and harmonised verses by introducing jazz and bossa idioms – as the text says, let us adore Him with a new song!

The mp3 gives a rough idea of what it should sound like – bear in mind this is computer generated, so there are no words, it’s a bit mechanical and, mysteriously, a few notes seem to be missing.  Puer natus (MP3)

Noël Nouvelet is an a capella swing version of the well-known French carol. If you can learn it in time for Christmas, go ahead and sing it!

Missa Brevis was also written in 2003. Its three movements, Kyrie, Sanctus & Benedictus, and Agnus Dei, constitute the traditional short-form of the Mass.

Mon bien aimé is a wedding motet, written and first performed for friends of The Fortunes back in 19** – well, a long time ago. The words are from the Song of Songs.


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